Library Renovation Update 2

Walls are disappearing as the library renovation continues at Phillips. Thanks to Adam Hall, general contractor, for the photo.

Librarian’s Log: Renovation Date 01.07.2022

Happy New Year! I hope your January beginnings are unfolding gently.

Just kidding about the holographic shelving. But the renovation allows us to expand our current metal shelving arrangement by roughly 65 percent. This delights us in a couple of ways: it serves a practical need to keep our materials on campus as opposed to moving them into a robotically controlled, super-secret dark storage vault, or worse yet, from our having to weed materials from our collection.

The construction folk have been working while the seminary was closed for the holidays. The area in Phase One is unrecognizable to me—too many walls are missing, and temporary walls in new locations block light that normally orients me.

In the meantime the librarians continue to take turns at our service desk, connecting you to the information and resources you need.