Phillips Seminary offers an easy payment system for students to pay for their tuition, logo wear, and more. This system is not for seminary donations. Those wishing to make a donation to the seminary please click HERE.

Student Payments

For tuition charges and student academic fees.

Miscellaneous Payments

For logo wear purchases, transcript requests, meal payments, and replacement badge etc.

For questions about tuition payments, contact Toni Imbler.

For questions about textbook voucher payments, contact MaryAnn Morris.

For questions about Logo Wear payments, contact Joseph Edwards.

For questions about charges to your credit card, contact Karen McMillan.

Please direct other student payment questions to the Office of Student Services.

The new student payment form is hosted on a highly secure server with the latest technology to offer secure connections. We are also employing CAPTCHA as an additional security measure. If you have questions about these technologies and the security of the site, contact Kurt Gwartney.

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