Visit the Writing & Research Lab Guides below for writing and citation help, research guidance, and information about writing tutors. This is where you will find the Phillips Writing Handbook & Style Guide, information on paper formatting, crafting thesis statements, and much more.


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You can find all the Bootcamp session recordings in our Library Bootcamp guide.

Citation Support

Research Support

Writing Tutoring

The Writing Tutoring Guide is  being updated .

Please check back later or contact Katherine, the Instruction Librarian, at for updates.

Master's Thesis Resources

In the Master’s Thesis Resources guide you will find formatting guidelines for the Master’s Thesis.


DMin Student Resources and IRB Forms

In the DMin Resources Guide you will find:

  • The DMin Handbook
  • Project formatting guidelines
  • Turabian and Phillips Style information
  • Research methodology and demographic resources

In the IRB Guide you will find PTS Institutional Review Board (IRB) documentation. The PTS Institutional Review Board reviews and monitors research protocols and related materials in order to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects participating in student research projects.

The DMin Projects Guide contains full-text access to DMin Projects, from 2007 – current.