Visit the Writing & Research Lab Guides below for writing and citation help, research guidance, and information about writing tutors. This is where you will find the Phillips Writing Handbook & Style Guide, information on paper formatting, crafting thesis statements, and much more.

Citation Support

The Citation Support Guide will tell you everything you need to know about Turabian style formatting for footnotes and Works Cited pages. You will also find an electronic copy of the Phillips Writing Handbook & Style Manual, as well as information about the Zotero application, a free citation and research management tool that is easy to install and easy to use.

Writing Support

The Writing Support Guide contains links, tip sheets, and handouts on academic writing, grammar help, and paper formatting guidelines, as well as information about Grammarly and Turnitin.

Writing Tutoring

Phillips Seminary is deeply invested in the success of all students as they progress through their degree programs, and is committed to helping them become confident and effective communicators in their chosen ministries.

While Phillips students come from a variety of disciplines, already equipped with excellent skills in their fields of expertise, they sometimes need some assistance in sharpening their writing and research skills. The Seminary recognizes this and provides tutoring by Phillips graduates and current Doctor of Ministry students. The tutors are familiar with seminary coursework and instructor expectations and can help students become more confident writers and researchers. For more information on the writing tutoring program, please see our Writing Tutoring Guide.

DMin Resources

Check out our DMin Resources Guide for project formatting guidelines and the DMin Handbook, Turabian and Phillips Style information, and research methodology and demographic resources.

The Phillips Library now has 20 DMin Projects available to be viewed in their entirety online. You can find these projects in our DMin Projects Digital Collection.