The funds raised through iFP support student services and the following programs. During the time of Covid-19, students are taking all classes online for the fall semester but will hopefully be back on campus in the spring for weekly and intensive classes. Programs are still available to students during the fall semester and spring semester. You can read below about the student services programs and the financial relief programs that are available to students. 100% of students benefit from at least one, if not multiple, programs during their journey as a student at Phillips.


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Spiritual Direction & Counseling

Sometimes life happens and assistance is needed during the seminary journey. If students need assistance from someone outside their life situation, referrals can be made to pastoral counselors and spiritual directors. The seminary offers a subsidy to the student for these services. $75 is the maximum benefits for this service per student per visit. The seminary will assist with four visits. COVID-19 makes these visits even more important with so many changes and concerns.

Student Orientation

It is proven that students have a better seminary experience if they start their experience with Orientation. Phillips provides orientation in the fall and the spring. A gift of $250 will help pay for a student to attend a three-day orientation at the beginning of the fall semester. This helps to cover lodging and food. This semester we had 25 participants on-line.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Sometimes students just need a little help. Emergency Financial Assistance is available to help students in times of crisis.

Student Lunches

Students are offered an opportunity to stay on campus and build community during lunch. $75 pays for a lunch of salad and fruit free of charge to students every Tuesday of classes and during intensive courses. Again, this will not happen in the fall semester this year but will continue when on-campus classes resume.

Student Scholarships & Tuition Aid

100% of students currently receive tuition aid scholarships. Additional gifts for scholarship assistance are always welcome.

Travel Grants

Because many students take classes from a distance, travel grants are an essential piece to the student assistance puzzle. Students can receive up to $500 in travel grants within an academic year. In the 2018 academic year, student services gave over $22,000. These may not be used this semester but will be accessed nest semester. Travel Grants may not be used this semester but will be accessed next semester.

Immersion Course

Every masters student is required to experience an Immersion trip. BorderLinks is one example of an immersion trip. The students partner with a non-profit organization that promotes study of issues on the border of Mexico and the United States. Gifts to iFP off-sets the costs of travel for this required course.


Staff and students at Phillips may contact you in regards to fundraising. Typically you will receive calls from the following staff members in addition to current students:

Gina Robertson
Malisa Pierce
Sharon Russ