Library Renovation Update

Librarian’s Log: Renovation Date 12.17.2021.

Happy Friday! The librarians all wish you peace and joy for the upcoming Christmas season.

The last several weeks have marked major changes in the Phillips library. Our book movers have finished relocating all our collections that were in the main part of the library to other areas in the seminary — on shelving, not in boxes. This is very good news for us all; there will be no major disruptions for our community members in obtaining any of our hard-copy books and journals for the duration of the renovation.

Relocation is also the name of the game for the librarians. During this early phase of the project, you will find Lucy in the Board of Trustees’ conference room, and me (Sandy) in President Pittman’s conference room. I’ve thought about bringing in beach towels to make a fort among the boxes I’ve dragged into this formerly lovely space.

You can see a few pictures of the future library by clicking on the small images at the bottom of the page. 

Check back next week for more about the holographic shelving system in our renovated space.

Sandy Shapoval

Dean of the Library and Research Services