Top 5 reasons Jesus Followers Should Celebrate Pride Month

Editor’s Note: President Nancy Claire Pittman offers this list for celebrating Pride Month.

Top 5 reasons cis-gendered, heterosexual followers of Jesus should celebrate Pride Month with queer siblings and colleagues (written by one cis-gendered heterosexual follower of Jesus to others) :

  1.  Jesus, echoing Jewish teaching, says “love your neighbor.”
  2. Celebrating God’s love for all and welcoming everyone to the table is a very Jesus thing to do.
  3. Affirming that each person is made in the image of God, just as they are, is a very Jesus thing to accept.
  4. Calling people to stop harassing salesclerks and managers of stores that support the queer community is a way to hunger and thirst for righteousness.
  5. You may actually love and accept the people you think you hate and reject. Jesus already does.