One from Many Services Start Feb. 2

The evening before the first nominating contest in the polarized Democratic presidential primaries, Tulsa-area residents are invited to come together in the American spirit of E Pluribus Unum, One from Many, at Phillips Theological Seminary.

The service begins at 2 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 2 at 901 N. Mingo Rd. in Tulsa. The seminary is just north of Mingo Rd. and Admiral Blvd. near I-244.

This is the inaugural monthly interfaith service sponsored by the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice and the Center for Religion in Public Life at Phillips. The event is intended as a place for people of moral and spiritual conviction to be reminded of the universal practices that help them work side-by-side for the common good, such as the Golden Rule.

“The nation is torn between competing stories of who we have been, who we are, and where we should be headed. Especially during this presidential election year, the Center and OCCJ want to create a space for people who desire to see America fulfilling the promises of ‘one from many’ and ‘liberty and justice for all’ to gather and be renewed in hope,” said the Rev. Dr. Gary Peluso-Verdend, director of the Center for Religion in Public Life at Phillips Theological Seminary. “We intend that everyone who has an expansive vision of who the promises of America should include would feel welcome at these services.”

Each gathering is a 45-minute service of encouragement and challenge. Participants will have the opportunity to welcome one another, enjoy performances and readings, sing, and reflect with one of Tulsa’s interfaith community leaders on the topic: This is the America in which I want to live, and here is how my faith informs that understanding.

For more information on the gathering, go online or contact Peluso-Verdend at