The Christian Right Watch

The Christian Right is a politically partisan expression of Christianity in public life, as well as an effort of conservative partisan politics to use religion to engage voters. One religiously-intense expression of the Christian Right is Christian Nationalism or Dominionism: the belief that the United States was founded to be, is culturally, and must be governed as a Christian nation privileging the Christian religion over all others. In addition, Christians should rule over every “dominion” of public and private life (e.g., law, family, media, business).

Samantha Bee Coverage

The following videos produced by culture critic Samantha Bee do an outstanding job of telling the story of what led to the Christian Right’s development and its work over the last 50 years.

Content Warning: some of the language in the following videos is crude; the videos have a TV-MA rating for language. The two parts together take less than 20 minutes:

PBS Series: "God in America"

PBS published a six-part series on the development of the Christian Right from a historical viewpoint, “God in America.”

Blitz Watch

Project Blitz is the religious cousin of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an organization which creates templates of conservative legislation marketed to state legislatures. Project Blitz, associated with the Congressional Prayer Caucus, works through prayer caucuses in state legislatures for causes such as publicly-funded private school vouchers, keeping references to God in public schools and buildings, and discriminating against LBGTQ persons. The 2018-2019 playbook can be found here. State-by-state legislation can be tracked here.

Right Wing Watch

Right Wing Watch staffers scan Christian Right TV shows and websites to glean clips and excerpts that would not otherwise be known to those who do not frequent those sources.