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William Barr’s Faith-Based Stance on Public Morality in America

Overall, while there are many places where I fundamentally disagree with Mr. Barr, I do share a concern with him. The concern is not the decline of institutional Christianity, of a particular sort, but is this: Which institutions today are in a strong position to form moral communities and moral citizens that can develop the virtues necessary for a multicultural, shared-space democracy?

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The Problems with Saying “the Christian Left”

Christian progressives should resist the moniker “the Christian Left.” Given the powerful bond to right-left labeling in the culture, the phrase “Christian Left” might be inevitable. But the label is […]

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Why Religious Congregations Should Talk About Politics

If moderate and progressive religious congregations developed their members’ capacity to have difficult moral, ethical, political conversations, both the congregation and democracy in the U.S. could be improved.

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