One from Many Online Session Three

One from Many was envisioned to be a monthly public gathering throughout 2020, sponsored by the Center for Religion in Public Life at Phillips Seminary and the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice. One from Many welcomes people of spiritual and moral conviction who want to work side by side to ensure the U.S. motto E Pluribus Unum (One from Many), the Golden Rule, and the universal values of compassion and justice are more evident in American life.

We will gather—but after it is safe enough.

In the between times, event leaders have solicited readings, songs, and reflections that we are sharing here. Each video is about 3 minutes long. So, in about 10 minutes, you can experience hope, challenge, inspiration, and fresh ideas!

We hope to post two trios each month until the monthly public gatherings resume.


Jameelah Stuckey is the Social and Emotional Learning and Implementation Fellow at The Opportunity Project, Tulsa’s intermediary for expanded learning. She is a California native and recently moved to Tulsa, she currently serves as the OCCJ TYPROS board intern. Jameelah shares a poem written by one of her favorite authors, Maya Angelou, entitled “Equality”. The poem uses metaphorical language to describe inequalities and challenge readers to boldly proclaim “Equality and I will be free.”


The Rev. Dr. Kathy McCallie is Associate Professor of Ministerial Leadership and Ethics and the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program at Phillips. She has been on the faculty for seven years. Her research focuses on ethical issues, social and transnational justice movements, and intersections of church and politics. She reflects on remaking America so that we see ourselves among the community of nations, living as good stewards of the earth, and a place where equality is as important as freedom.


Avery Marshall (He/Him) is the Program Director for the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice. At the Anytown Leadership Institute, OCCJ uses A Change Is Gonna Come during an activity called Eye To Eye. The song speaks to the weariness and hope that working for a better world entails.

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