One From Many Online Session 1

One from Many Readings, Songs, and Reflections

One from Many was envisioned to be a monthly public gathering throughout 2020, sponsored by the Center for Religion in Public Life at Phillips Seminary and the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice. One from Many welcomes people of spiritual and moral conviction who want to work side by side to ensure the U.S. motto E Pluribus Unum (One from Many), the Golden Rule, and the universal values of compassion and justice are more evident in American life.

We will gather—but after it is safe enough.

In the between times, event leaders have solicited readings, songs, and reflections that we are sharing here. Each video is about 3 minutes long. So, in about 10 minutes, you can experience hope, challenge, inspiration, and fresh ideas!

We hope to post two trios each month until the monthly public gatherings resume.

Reading—Be Not Defeated by the Rain
Jahaziel “Jazi” Hiriart is the Associate Director of Social and Emotional Learning and Impact at The Opportunity Project, Tulsa’s intermediary for expanded learning. She is an OCCJ Board Member. Jazi shares her favorite poem by Kenji Miyazawa titled “Be Not Defeated by the Rain.” The poem is a reminder that the rain has the ability to wash away noise and weariness, leaving behind a calming and revitalizing stillness.

Reflection—Rights and Responsibilities
Dr. Marcia Beauchamp has been studying and teaching about the world’s religions and the proper role of religions in public schools for over twenty-five years. She holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies and a Masters in Theological Studies from Harvard University. For six years Marcia was the Religious Freedom Programs Coordinator for the First Amendment Center. During this time and the years that followed, she has presented the material found in Finding Common Ground to school districts across the nation. Marcia’s passion is working with educators to find ways to protect the conscience of each student and parent, while passing on our most deeply held values and principles as American citizens to our youth.

Song—”What a Wonderful World”
Mark Bruner, a native Oklahoman, has been a part of the Tulsa music scene for 30 years. The hallmark of his playing has always been his “chameleon like” diversity. A blues player extraordinaire for sure with a penchant for low tunings and evocative slide guitar…..but his ability to shift musical styles from R&B to Jazz, Pop and American roots has him in constant demand. His sound, touch and “groove” have earned him critical acclaim, as well as eleven Oklahoma State fingerstyle guitar titles. A soulful, stylistic vocalist as well, he is truly one of Oklahoma’s outstanding musicians. Mark shares his cover of “What a Wonderful World.”

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