Committing Faith in Public Podcast with Jesse Ulrich

What was it like growing up JeLogo for Pod 4 Goodwish in Tulsa, attending a nearly all African-American elementary school where one was a dual minority, then having the experience of living in a large Jewish community in Boston before returning to Tulsa?

Jesse Ulrich talks about these and other formational experiences that have helped him navigate the boundaries between cultures and develop skills that have been helpful to the places where he was employed and now in his new role. After a stint at the Jewish Federation in Tulsa, Jesse established Rant9Productions, a business to help organizations–especially non-profits who are passionate about their work but often don’t know how to tell their stories to others–get better at telling their stories in podcasts, marketing, and other digital media.

His podcast is Pod 4 Good. Jesse and host Gary Peluso-Verdend worked together for several years on the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice Trialogue Committee. Gary interviewed Jesse at Jesse’s home before Christmas, using Jesse’s first rate equipment. And, after Gary interviewed Jesse, Jesse and his podcast partner Chris returned the favor and interviewed Gary for Jesse’s podcast.

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