Committing Faith in Public Podcast with Chaplain Jacob George

Chaplains can be found in all kinds of institutional roles these days, from Tyson Foods to the military and hospitals. The Rev. Dr. Jacob George is the director of pastoral care at Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa. After years in hospice work, he moved into the hospital setting.

Jacob George

He is a Clinical Pastoral Education supervisor at the highest level, directs a very religiously-diverse program at Hillcrest, and also directs the congregationally-based CPE program at Phillips Theological Seminary. Jacob talked with Center for Religion in Public Life director Gary Peluso-Verdend  by phone about his work at Hillcrest in normal times and during the extraordinary time of a global health crisis.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Jacob George received the Distinguished Service award, presented by the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) in July 2019. The award celebrates the contributions of any individual or organization that promotes the standard of professional chaplaincy in an exemplary manner.

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