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Remind & Renew: The New Reformation: What Should Christianity Become?: Only a few seats are remaining for the 2017 Remind & Renew conference at Phillips featuring Phillips faculty lecturing over the two day event.
President in Chapel Today: Seminary President, the Rev. Dr. Gary Peluso-Verdend offers the homily on this first day of the regular Spring semester. All are welcome to join worship services at 11:30 am in the Meinders Chapel.
Trialogue Week 1: The Struggle for Compassion: This annual three week series from the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice will be held at the Peace Academy in Tulsa.
Worship with us: Join us for chapel today at 11:30 am. The Rev. Susanna Southard will offer the homily this second week of the regular Spring semester. The public is welcome to attend chapel services.
Trialogue Week 2: The Struggle for Compassions: This second session in the annual OCCJ series will be held at Antioch Baptist Church.
You'll be blessed & challenged on a courageous journey from 'knowing' to 'understanding.'

Marnie Leinberger,
PTS student

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New Drury University President Visits: Drury University's new president, Tim Cloyd, visited Phillips Theological Seminary this week. Did you know the two schools have begun strengthening their relationship?
The End of Prayers at Political Ceremonies?: Phillips Seminary President Gary Peluso-Verdend proposes in this week's blog that we no longer pray for elected officials at ceremonies of their own making.
What Do You Mean When You Say, “Keep politics out of church?”: President Gary Peluso-Verdend takes on the issue of politics in church this week. "There is church politics. There will always be church politics. We should get honest about that fact and strive to deal with power, authority, and conflict in a more constructive way than churches often do," he writes.
I Am a Secular Christian: Phillips Seminary President Gary Peluso-Verdend outlines his reasoning for why he is a "secular Christian" and problem areas that can come with that identity in this week's blog post.
Seminary Chapel Services Focus on Creation Spirituality: The Rev. Dr. Bill Crowell offers four chapel services the week of Jan. 2 focused on Creation Spirituality. The public is welcome to attend our services.
It's New and Improved: The More Inclusive Nativity Scene: In September, President Gary Peluso-Verdend asked what kind of nativity scenes congregations would set up for the 2016 Advent/Christmas season. He proposed two revised nativity sets to tell the Jesus story in a more powerful way. This Christmas week, we offer Gary’s vision of two more complex nativity scenes.
From Mainline to Minority: President Gary Peluso-Verdend is resolving to scrub his mind and future writing of the concept “mainline.” He is acknowledging that he is now a participant in a minority expression of Christianity.
An Identity Worth a Crisis: Many Protestant leaders, including me, worry that congregations have not formed a sufficiently strong identity to have a crisis about. And a community or society with weak identity formation is a crisis waiting to happen.
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