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Distinguished Phillips Alum in Chapel: Rev. David Wilson offers the chapel reflection today at 8:30 am. Rev. Wilson was named a Distinguished Phillips alum in 2007. He is the current superintendent of the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference of the United Methodist Church. All are welcome!
Social Justice Message in Chapel: Rev. Gerald Davis offers the reflection in chapel at 8:30 am today. Rev. Davis is the minister at Church of Restoration Unitarian Universalist in Tulsa. His ministry follows the arc of the universe as it bends toward social justice. All are welcome!
Care of Creation in Chapel: Join Chaplain Emeritus, Mady Fraser today at 8:30 am, as she leads a Care of Creation worship experience. All are welcome to attend.
Final DMin Fortnight Chapel: Join the Rev. Susanna Southard as she offers the reflection at the final chapel service of the June DMin Fortnight. All are welcome to attend the service at 8:30 am in the Meinders Chapel.
Year End Giving: Phillips operates on a fiscal year--July 1 to June 30--each year. It's not too late to fulfill your pledge for the current fiscal year! Please consider donating today to support graduate theological education.
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2017 Senior Class Reflection: Travis Ewton delivered the senior class reflection at the Phillips Theological Seminary 2017 commencement.
2017 Student Achievement Awards: Phillips Theological Seminary recognizes its students at the end of each academic year with several awards and honors.
Statement on the Acquittal in the Death of Terence Crutcher: Regardless of the reasons the jury voted to acquit the officer who killed Terence, the fact remains: an African-American man without a weapon was killed by a law enforcement officer. That is not only a tragedy. It is morally wrong. It is difficult, even impossible, not to see this wrong as one of way too many national stories of an African-American male, in “hands-up, don’t shoot” posture, killed by law enforcement.
America: Stop Arguing Like Divorcing Churches: From President Gary Peluso-Verdend's weekly blog, "What is the end point toward which the players in our national partisan divide are leading us? I fear we are misusing church divorce language on the national stage. The effect could be dire."
An Oklahoma Budget to Honor Mother’s Day: From President Gary Peluso-Verdend's most recent blog post: Although we in Oklahoma don’t have a budget yet, I predict the question of the morality of this budget will not be a driving or important question in setting the budget. And that is a shame.
Are We Hearing the United Methodist Swan Song?: "A split could be the last action—a swan song— for which United Methodism is known in U.S. society, and that will be a shame," writes President Gary Peluso-Verdend in this week's blog post.
Two Christian Views on Peace, Justice, Compassion: President Gary Peluso-Verdend provides two interpretations for how the stories Christians have told themselves have been self-serving.
The Future of Ministry: Ministry has always come with challenges. The names of the challenges change with the generations. Regardless of the changes, according to President Gary Peluso-Verdend, face-to-face meetings powered by compassion and understanding will be necessary.
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