Audit Program

Phillips Theological Seminary offers classes for no academic credit through an audit program. A limited number of auditors may be permitted in some courses, depending on course size and type. Contact the admissions office for registration assistance, or call 918.270.6420

Audit Courses Spring 2024

Some courses may have prerequisites.

AH 880.033 / Introduction to Native American Religious Beliefs and Practices / DM 898.134 Seminar in Native American Religious Beliefs and Practices, Lisa Barnett, Concentrated October 16-20 (will accept auditors above course cap limit)

DS 500 History and Polity of the Disciples of Christ, Lisa Barnett,  August 7-11

DS 5503 United Methodist History, Briana Wong, Weekend Intensive September 7-9; November 2-4 (will accept auditors above the course cap limit)

HC 5023 History of Christianity I, Briana Wong, Online (will accept auditors above course cap limit)

NT 500Introduction to the New Testament, Warren Carter, Online Synchronous Tuesdays, 8:30 – 11:15 am (within course cap limit only)

NT 600.10Reading the New Testament in the Context of 1st Century Judaism, Warren Carter, online (NT 500 prerequisite required); (within the course cap limit only)

PR 8803 Seminar in Preaching: Prophetic Preaching, Chelsea Yarborough, on campus or online synchronous Tuesdays, 2:30-5:15 pm (will accept auditors above course cap limit)

PT 5643 Trauma-Informed Care, Peter Capretto, Concentrated October 23-27 (will accept auditors above course cap limit)

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