Audit Program

Phillips Theological Seminary offers classes for no academic credit through an audit program. A limited number of auditors may be permitted in some courses, depending on course size and type. Contact the admissions office for registration assistance, or call 918.270.6420

Audit Courses Spring 2023

Some courses may have prerequisites.

AH 5353 Hybridity and Oppression, Anne Carter Walker, Intensive February 9-11; April 27-29 (within course cap limit)

AH 7253 Political Pastoral Theology, Peter Capretto, Concentrated March 6-10, (above course cap limit)

AH 880.113 Jesus in America, A Cultural History, Lisa Barnett, Intensive February 2-4; March 23-25 (above course cap limit)

AH 880.143 Colonialism and the Complexities of Indigenous Identities, Lisa Dellinger, on campus

ET 5253 Ethics, Culture and the Mission of the Church, Kathy McCallie, Hybrid – Online/Online Synchronous

FDC 8003 Foundations in Black Church Traditions and African American Faith-Life, Arthur Carter, Online (with instructor approval)

HB 5003 Introduction to Hebrew Bible, Lisa Davison, on campus

HC 5043 History of Christianity II, Lisa Barnett, Online

HC 880.083 African Christianity: The Origins of Christian Faith Across the Continent, Briana Wong, Concentrated January 9-13

HC 880.093 Women Who Changed Christian History: Candace, Teresa of Avila, Julian of Norwich, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Briana Wong, Intensive March 2-4; April 13-15

NT 600.093 Exegesis: Gospel of Matthew, Warren Carter, Online

PR 5003 The Art and Practice of Preaching, Allie Utley / Chelsea Yarborough, on campus or Online Synchronous

PT 5203 Theory and Practice of Spiritual Care, Peter Capretto, online

PT 5253 Adolescent Spirituality, Annie Lockhart-Gilroy, Concentrated March 13-17

TH 5503 Christology, Sarah Morice Brubaker, online

TH 880.033 The Historical Jesus and Christs of Faith, Joe Bessler, Intensive February 16-18; March 30-April 1

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