CPE Admissions Process

Upon receipt of all paperwork and the applicable Application Fee, the CPE Supervisor will notify Applicant by phone or email within 48 business hours that the application has been received. Application for Clinical Pastoral Education

The original application will be retained in a locked file cabinet in the CPE Supervisor's office throughout the Admissions process.

Copies of the application/essay/recommendation are read and reviewed by the CPE Supervisor and two (2) members of the Professional Advisory Board Group (PAG). All readers are bound by ACPE ethics or confidentiality and FERPA ethics of privacy.

A face-to-face admission interview is scheduled for a date and time mutually available for the applicant, the CPE Supervisor, and at least one (1) member of the PAG who read the original application packet.

The interview team will consult with each other prior to the interview.

The team conducts a one-hour educational review with the applicant.

CPE Supervisor will contact the Applicant by written letter within 15 business days of the interview regarding acceptance or denial into the program.

If accepted, completion of the application and acceptance process requires that Applicant sign and return the Acceptance Letter by stated date. CPE students entering the program as either "Special Students" or "Certificate Students" must also complete the respective application form or have required application forms on file at Phillips.

The seminary conducts background checks on all admission applications.

The CPE student needs to sustain sufficient physical and emotional health. The student must demonstrate the capacity to consistently establish and maintain relationships at significant levels and be open to learning, change, and growth. The CPE student must demonstrate a capacity to manage moderate amounts of chaos and change which is a normal part of the CPE learning process.