Welcome to the Phillips Theological Seminary Library!

All visitors are welcome to our library. We serve an extensive community of library users. The primary community includes students, faculty & staff of the seminary. We are proud to include our alumni, retired & former faculty as members, & invite all religious professionals to use our collection & services.

We have the largest graduate theological library in the region (extending from Dallas to Kansas City & St. Louis to Denver.)

Phillips is a non-residential campus. We know that many of our students & other users travel great distances to be on campus.

The library is staffed during all hours of operations. Our primary responsibility is to serve as an interface between our students & their information needs.

Whether you’re looking for a book, ebook, journal, digital resource, or how to help format a research paper—you can never ask too many questions! We are here to help you!


Sandy Shapoval
Phillips Theological Seminary Library