iFundPhillips (formerly Phonathon) is our student-driven fall campaign to raise donations for student scholarships and student services. During the event, students will be connecting with donors and Alumni/nae via phone, mail, and an online campaign. The name of Phonathon was changed to iFundPhillips to reflect the various avenues in which the students connect to Phillips supporters and the multiple ways there are to donate.

Virtual Campaign:

During the Virtual Campaign you can make a donation online through a student team at iFundPhillips Virtual Campaign or on our website. During the Virtual portion of the campaign, students will reach out to Alumni/nae, donors, friends, and family. This is a way students can give back and support the scholarship fund.

Calling Campaign:

During these three days of the campaign, students gather to call YOU. Students call to ask for your annual gift that supports student services and scholarships. The students want to talk to YOU: our Alumni/ae and friends. Not only is this a time to ask for your annual gift, but linking Alumni/ae and friends to current students strengthens the Phillips family.



Your gifts support students through scholarships and other student services such as new student orientation, travel grants, and student senate projects (among many other activities). As a donor to Phillips, we thought you might like to hear some of the ways your gifts are being put to good use and changing the lives of students.


The geographic reach of a theological education from Phillips Seminary knows no bounds. This is evident in our student body, with students representing more than 20 states and three countries this semester.

At some point, all students must make the trip to campus for some of their course work.

This travel requirement creates an additional financial burden for some. To help ease this burden, student services has created a travel grant fund. Almost $5,000 was distributed to students to assist with class related travel expenses during the last academic year.

"This semester I received a travel grant. I am overwhelmed with gratitude," shared one recipient, who wished to remain anonymous. "Time and again, when I wasn't sure how I was going to make ends meet in a semester, God has provided through the generosity of donors to Phillips."


I am Zenobia Guess Mayo, starting my fifth year at Phillips. I am a lifelong Disciples of Christ and have been the N.E. Area Retreat Director for the past four years.  

My attendance at Phillips would not be possible without the scholarships that are provided.   

I have had so many “Ah-ha!” moments at Phillips, it is hard to name all of them.  I consider sitting in Brandon Scott's class a life-changing “Ah-ha!” moment.  He has studied his trade "JESUS" and is a master when discussing historical Jesus.  

My theology and spiritual life has been changed by Remind & Renew, the immersion trip to Nicaragua, and the Worship Practicum class. The Practicum this past year was a wonderful experience, and I learned about planning worship with the five senses involved.  

I love Phillips. There is a peace that surpasses my understanding each time I walk in the door.  

When I graduate, I will miss the community and family that I have built here, but I look forward to giving back so other students can have similar life-changing experiences.  

Thank you for giving to facilitate my “Ah-ha!” moments.

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