For Remind & Renew 2017, the faculty of Phillips Theological Seminary challenged participants to think about our times in which Christianity is undergoing the most profound changes in inner and outer expressions since the 16th century.  

Below you will find responses on "A New Reformation: What Should Christianity Become?" from the faculty presenters. Each response is approximately 20 to 30 minutes in length. Additionally, the panel discussion featuring the eight speakers and preachers of Remind & Renew has been captured. The homilies from the two conference worship sessions are also included.

The event popularly cited as the “opening” of the Protestant Reformation is when the Old Testament professor and Augustinian monk Martin Luther, on October 31, 1517, nailed a document to the door of the parish church in Wittenberg, inviting scholarly arguments on 95 claims he was making. Many of those claims referenced and challenged conventional understandings of the Pope, penance, forgiveness, and authority. 

The late Phyllis Tickle reasoned that Christianity today has entered the most profound transformative period since the 16th century. The inner forms (e.g., worship, piety, theology, the meaning of discipleship, patterns of gathering) are changing, and the outer forms (e.g., institutional expressions such as church buildings and seminaries) are giving way, sometimes painfully and sometimes joyously, to something else.

The Rev. Dr. Gary Peluso-Verdend
President and Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Phillips Seminary

Listen to Dr. Peluso Verdend's presentation from January 25

Dr. Sharon Jacob
Assistant Professor of New Testament, Phillips Seminary 

Listen to Dr. Jacob's presentation from January 25

Panel Discussion Featuring all Speakers and Preachers

Listen to the Panel Discussion from January 25


Dr. Sarah Morice Brubaker
Assistant Professor of Theology, Phillips Seminary

Listen to Dr. Morice Brubaker's presentation from January 26. 

The Rev. Dr. Lisa Davison
Johnnie Eargle Cadieux Professor of Hebrew Bible
Director of Denominational Formation, Disciples of Christ, Phillips Seminary

Listen to Dr. Davison's presentation from January 26. 

Dr. Joe Bessler
Robert Travis Peake Professor of Theology
Associate Dean for Faculty Development & Assessment, Phillips Seminary

Listen to Dr. Bessler's presentation from January 26. 

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Claire Pittman
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean
Stephen J. England Associate Professor of  the Practice of Ministry, Phillips Seminary

Listen to Dr. Pittman's presentation from January 26. 

The Rev. Dr. Richard Ward
Fred B. Craddock Professor of Homiletics and Worship
Director of Denominational Formation United Church of Christ, Phillips Seminary

Listen to Dr. Ward's homily from January 25.

The Rev. Dr. Kathy McCallie
Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program
Assistant Profess of Ministerial Leadership & Ethics, Phillips Seminary

Listen to Dr. McCallie's homily from January 26.

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