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Celtic Class to Lead Worship: Join the Celtic Christian Culture and Spirituality class, led by Mady Fraser, for this additional worship service this week at 11:30 am at the conference center on campus. All are welcome to attend weekly worship.
Phillips Chaplain to Preach: The Rev. Susanna Southard, Phillips Chaplain, Instructor of Ministry Studies, and the Director of the Teaching with Technology, will be featured at worship today at 11:30 am in the Meinders chapel. Everyone is welcome to attend weekly worship.
Student Awards Day & Chapel: Join Phillips students, faculty and staff at this annual event with a special chapel service and presentation of annual student awards for their accomplishments during this academic year. Chapel and lunch will be in the Student Commons.
Commencement: Phillips annual Spring commencement service will be held at First Christian Church, 913 S. Boulder, in Tulsa beginning at 11 am. All are welcome to attend this very special where degrees are conferred on the class of 2015-2016.
Remind & Renew 2017: Remind & Renew 2017 will mark the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation 1517-2017
You'll be blessed & challenged on a courageous journey from 'knowing' to 'understanding.'

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Three Ways to Make the Seminary Space a Safe One: The situation in the classroom and in a seminary, even a small one such as Phillips is, has gotten complex to the point that I’m not sure the concept of safe space will hold much longer. We don’t seem to be able to juggle the competing needs.
Death Tsunami Threatens Church: With today’s average age in mainline churches at about 60, with many of the largest financial contributors to those congregations in their upper 60s, their 70s, and their 80s, and with such different church-going patterns among the thinner younger generations, there is no doubt that the “death tsunami” will powerfully disrupt an entire way of doing church.
Religious Symbols Don't Belong to the State: Why in heaven’s name would people of faith lend our symbols to the state? How does saying a book or a monument has “historical value” do anything other than relegate those symbols to the past and thus strip or diminish the faith claims that these symbols contain or represent the power to change lives?
It's Not All About the Numbers: The numbers game requires a selective reading of Scripture. From the Hebrew Bible, ignore stories of mass disobedience, that sometimes a movement is successful in numbers but on the wrong side of God! Think Aaron and the Golden Calf story (Exodus 32).
Living Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday in America: As a Christian, I look at life in general, not only my particular life, through the themes of death and resurrection. How shall we, the people of the United States who call ourselves Christian, contribute to a nation moving from Good Friday on to Easter Sunday?
Seminary President Remembers Chester Cadieux: If I were to select one figure who was a truly transformative presence for the seminary, it would be Chester Cadieux. In this time of great turbulence for higher education and in churches, Chester did not assure what kind of future the seminary would have, but he most assuredly gave us a future.
Phillips Seminary Mourns Loss of Board Chair Emeritus Chester Cadieux: The Phillips Theological Seminary community is remembering Chester Cadieux, a major supporter of the school. He died Monday evening at the age of 84.
Lenten Prayer for a Day of Fasting: Would Christians be able to join together in a fast—in a day of self-examination and penance—during some Lent, for our national sins, for those ways in which through actions taken and actions neglected we, as a nation, have broken relationships and acted as if the U.S. is the standard of laws rather than one nation, among others, accountable to a higher law?
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