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UMC Alumni Lunch: Phillips is hosting its annual United Methodist Alumni lunch at the Oklahoma UMC conference at noon on May 31 in the Gardner Center inside the Meinders School of Business on the campus of OCU in Oklahoma City. We hope you join us!
Interfaith Pride Service: Join the Tulsa community at the annual interfaith Pride service at 7 pm. Speakers from various faith traditions will share stories about a person or moment from their faiths that have had an impact on inclusion of LGBTQ persons. ALL ARE WELCOME.
Tulsa Pride Parade: Join Phillips students, alums, staff, faculty, trustees and friends at the Pride Parade. Phillips will have a booth as well as a group will be walking the parade.
Spirit of Oklahoma Storytelling Festival : Phillips is sponsoring this storytelling event, featuring renowned storyteller, Barbara McBride-Smith. This special event is presented by Territory Tellers, whose President is a Phillips alum.
Remind & Renew 2017: Remind & Renew 2017 will mark the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation 1517-2017
You'll be blessed & challenged on a courageous journey from 'knowing' to 'understanding.'

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Can Congregations Continue to Fund Middle Class Clergy Salaries?: There have always been congregations that can pay well, but there has never been a congregational system full of substantial “livings.” There have always been relatively wealthy and relatively poor churches.
Phillips Theological Seminary Awards 17 Diplomas and Honorary Degree: Phillips Theological Seminary awarded 17 diplomas at its commencement May 14 at First Christian Church in Tulsa, Okla.
Biblical Interpretation Advances Our Self Interests: Phillips Theological Seminary President Gary Peluso-Verdend writes, "The Bible does not speak. We interpret. While we can claim (and I would claim) that God can and does speak through the Bible, the Bible per se does not speak. We—meaning every individual who reads it, and every group or community who reads together—must take the risk of interpretation and claim the ethical responsibility for that interpretation!"
Needed: More Humility: Phillips Seminary President Gary Peluso-Verdend is inviting auditors into his fall course, "Christianity and Democracy: A Necessary and Tense Relationship." There are enrollment and course links at the bottom of the post.
Blame, Stress, and Clergy Health: Phillips Seminary President Gary Peluso-Verdend writes that clergy health and well-being has declined along with the mainline Protestant church. He calls for less blaming and a more Zen approach to the problem.
Three Ways to Make the Seminary Space a Safe One: The situation in the classroom and in a seminary, even a small one such as Phillips is, has gotten complex to the point that I’m not sure the concept of safe space will hold much longer. We don’t seem to be able to juggle the competing needs.
Death Tsunami Threatens Church: With today’s average age in mainline churches at about 60, with many of the largest financial contributors to those congregations in their upper 60s, their 70s, and their 80s, and with such different church-going patterns among the thinner younger generations, there is no doubt that the “death tsunami” will powerfully disrupt an entire way of doing church.
Religious Symbols Don't Belong to the State: Why in heaven’s name would people of faith lend our symbols to the state? How does saying a book or a monument has “historical value” do anything other than relegate those symbols to the past and thus strip or diminish the faith claims that these symbols contain or represent the power to change lives?
Phillips Theological Seminary offers Christian graduate theological education
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Courses available on campus and online for certificate, diploma, MDiv, MAMC, MASJ, & MTS
programs, and on campus for the DMin program.

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