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Worship with us: Join us as we begin our Fall chapel services during A-Term. This is the first of two worship services offered during this special week of classes. All are welcome to join us at 11:30 am in the Meinders Chapel.
Chapel Service: Join us for this second special worship service during this A-Term week of concentrated classes. All are welcome to participate in our worship services at 11:30 am in the Meinders Chapel.
New Student Orientation: New to campus this Fall? Phillips offers a great multi-day orientation that introduces our newest students to the Phillips community. Mark your calendars for Orientation beginning at 6 pm on Monday, August 15, concluding by 12:30 on Wednesday, August 17.
President to Preach at Orientation : Gary Peluso-Verdend offers the homily on Monday evening, August 15 at 7 pm in the Meinders Chapel. New students will be present for a two and a half day orientation that week and for some this may their first worship service at Phillips. All are welcome.
PhillipsFest: Mark your calendars for the inaugural PhillipsFest featuring the Indigo Girls. The concert will be at Legends Ballroom, downtown Tulsa. Tickets will be on sale mid-August.
You'll be blessed & challenged on a courageous journey from 'knowing' to 'understanding.'

Marnie Leinberger,
PTS student

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Do You Muddle?: How do Americans use the Bible to interpret American public life? President Gary Peluso-Verdend explores three possibilities and his own understanding of an "muddled middle" interpreter of the Bible in his latest blog.
Three Reasons Why Christianity in the U.S. Works Better as Critic than Cheerleader: In his newest blog post, Phillips Seminary President Gary Peluso-Verdend writes, "It is not just good law that leaders of religious organizations, speaking for their organizations, are forbidden to endorse candidates. It is good theology. Christianity in a democracy works better as a critical, transformative force than it does as an endorser or enforcer of governing policy."
Stewardship Department Introduces Student Intern: The Stewardship Department has a student intern, Paige Clark, working in the office. She will start her Master of Arts in Social Justice studies this fall.
Bamboo and the Perniciousness of Racism: A whitewashed, unchallenged story of American goodness and rightness is a story of white supremacy, an evidence of a pernicious rhizome.
The Color of Your Christ: Coupling an evangelistic agenda with a national distribution system and, as the 19th century progressed, with a (sometimes very explicit) racial agenda, images of Jesus multiplied. Jesus went from shrouded in white to being very white, Caucasian, Northern European.
July Fourth: Two Christian Visions of the U.S.: Phillips Seminary President Gary Peluso-Verdend juxtaposes two broad versions, composite sketches, of Christian-informed visions for what the U.S. should be. He thinks you’ll see how the visions also express competing judgments about where the U.S. is and needs to go.
Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits Partners with CAIR-OK and Phillips Theological Seminary on Discussion of Islamophobia and the Work of Nonprofits: The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, CAIR Oklahoma and Phillips Seminary invite you to join an enlightening workshop designed to help each of us recognize and understand the spread of Islamophobia and Hate Rhetoric on our state and country, understand the impact this has on our work, and provide the resources to look for solutions to a problem plaguing a vibrant minority group in Oklahoma.
Love, Anger, and Christian Practice: Some Christians believe anger and love are incompatible. Some are more angry than loving, and some have figured out how to use their anger in the service of love.
Phillips Theological Seminary offers Christian graduate theological education
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Courses available on campus and online for certificate, diploma, MDiv, MAMC, MASJ, & MTS
programs, and on campus for the DMin program.

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