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Choose Chapel Today: The Rev. Judy Deere will be offering the homily in the Meinders Chapel at Phillips at 11:30 am. All are welcome to join our weekly chapel services.
Concentrated Course Week I: Fall 2015 concentrated courses this week include portal course Vocation Matters and the Theology and Practice of Public Worship.
InterReligious Understanding Adult Education Tonight: Interested more in learning about other faiths to help you with your job, your own faith journey, your travels? Join us for this six week survey of six different faiths from around the world. No prerequisites required.
Concentrated Course Week II: Fall concentrated course offerings this week include: Feminist Theology.
Registration for Spring 2016 Begins Today: Registration is now open for Spring 2016. Students may enroll through Friday, November 6, 2015.
You'll be blessed & challenged on a courageous journey from 'knowing' to 'understanding.'

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PTS student

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Papal Visit: It's Faith, Not Politics: We people of faith who believe that faith must be evident in public life, but who also believe the faith cannot be reduced to politics, need to fight to enter public debates as people of faith rather than to be reduced to or dismissed with partisan political language and categories.
Jesus the Divider: Phillips Seminary President Gary Peluso-Verdend reflects on Robert McAfee Brown's argument that the freedom Jesus Christ offers must lead to temporary but real period of division as the forces that keep persons and peoples in bondage are exposed for what they are.
What the Bible Says, or Doesn’t Say, About Homosexuality: While the issue of marriage equality has been settled by the highest court in the United States, the church is still divided on the issue. Congregations continue to struggle with biblical assertions on the issue of homosexuality. Phillips Seminary Professor Lisa Davison, Johnnie Eargle Cadieux Professor of Hebrew Bible, reflects on what the Bible has to say on the issue.
Say "Yes!" to the AME Bishops this Sunday: An immigrant Italian family was asked to move out of its new neighborhood due to racism. Phillips Seminary President Gary Peluso-Verdend uses his family's history to highlight the need for and the lack of conversations about race.
Former Faculty Member Dr. Donald Capps Dies at the Age of 76: Dr. Donald Capps was a faculty member at the Graduate Seminary of Phillips University from 1976-1982, before moving on and finishing a noteworthy career at Princeton. He died on August 26, 2015, from injuries incurred in an automobile accident. Capps was 76 years old.
Remember Your Baptism... Grace for Clergy: Church life seduces pastors to so cloak and overlay their baptismal calling with their clergy calling that the former disappears and, in effect, is forgotten on a daily basis.
Phillips Seminary Alum Inspires General Assembly Luncheon Attendees: Friends and alums of Phillips Theological Seminary were inspired at the General Assembly by comments made during the seminary luncheon by the Rev. Kelley Becker, MDiv, 2014. Becker told the crowd of more than 150 people that at Phillips she learned to become a vision-casting leader.
Christianity Needs Its Own Jon Stewart: The church needs a Jon Stewart type of commentator who uses humor on behalf of the gospel.
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