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Sea into Dry Land

We ask God to help us understand the incomprehensible in this prayer by Kay Northcutt.


            Fourth Sunday of Easter

Merciful God, you turned the sea into dry land

so that your people, once held captive,

were free at last.

We come this morning,

praying for solid ground to tread on

in the midst of a sea of burdens

which would hold us captive

Steady our steps

Even as we praise you for the hope of being reborn at Easter,

we come carrying old wounds which eclipse

the possibility of new birth

and keep us on unsteady ground.

Help us lay those old hurts down

We gather before you this morning,

as every morning,

in a tangle of human relationships,

sisters and brothers in Christ,

whose love for one another

helps us to understand the incomprehensible—

your love for us—

and whose challenge to us

sends us back again and again

to the call of loving you with all our

heart, mind, soul, and strength

We come, perhaps most grateful of all

for this human community and its forgiveness,

for through being forgiven,

we learn to forgive ourselves

and others

As we prepare for the spring to come

we discover a homesickness,

a longing to see and feel the warmth

of the beloved faces we are separated from

either through life

or through death

We pray for those people who are absent,

whom we carry in our hearts.

We praise you for the hope of reunion

As the days promise to grow gentle,

we anticipate the new life of Easter.

Our hearts turn to the ill,

the bereaved,

the suffering.

Listen, God,

to our silent prayers:

            Silent prayer

Even as we praise you for the beauty of the earth,

we feel your judgment for our careless

abuse of it.

Forgive us

We bring these longings,


and praises before you,

whose justice and mercy

will flow down like rivers.

Let it be, God. Let it be


 Kay Bessler Northcutt, Praying by Heart: Prayers for Personal Devotion and Public Worship (Cleveland, OH: United Church Press, 1998), 65-67.  Used by permission.

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