The Phillips Theological Seminary Faculty Speakers Bureau is comprised of distinguished faculty members who are available to provide lectures and presentations to churches, organizations, and businesses. Available speakers and their presentation topics are listed below.  Honoraria are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Faculty is also available for media interviews that relate to their presentation topics.  Requests should be directed to the Seminary Relations Office or by telephone at (918) 270-6470.

When making requests, please include the following information:

  • Name and location of organization where lecture is to be held
  • Name of speaker and requested title of topic
  • Date of event (Please provide multiple dates, if possible, as advanced notice is important.)
  • Type of meeting
  • Approximate size of audience


Presentation Topics


Joe Bessler
Robert Travis Peake Professor of Theology

  • Religion and Politics
  • Theology and Leadership
  • Contemporary Theology
  • Church and State


Ellen Blue
Mouzon Biggs, Jr., Professor of the History of Christianity and United Methodist Studies

  • Methodist history and doctrine
  • Methodist women's history
  • British Reformation
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • 20th century history
  • Women's issues


Sarah Morice Brubaker
Assistant Professor of Theology

  • Social media in the life of the church
  • The doctrine of the Trinity
  • Body image and churches’ response
  • Christianity and reproductive health
  • Augustine and Sin


Lisa W. Davison
Johnnie Eargle Cadieux Professor of Hebrew Bible

  • Hebrew Bible (Christian First Testament) as a whole or specific books
  • Women in the Bible
  • Sexuality and the Bible – what the Bible does and doesn’t say about homosexulaity
  • Contemporary/“Hot Button” Issues and the Bible (e.g., Evolution & Creationism, Immigration, etc.)
  • “Difficult” Texts in the Hebrew Bible (Christian First Testament)
  • Various Other Topics (e.g., Bible & the Environment, Psalms & Spirituality, Who/What is a Prophet, etc.)
  • Christian use and misuse of the Hebrew Bible (Christian First Testament)
  • Feminist Biblical Interpretation


Sharon Jacob
Assistant Professor of New Testament


  •  Postcolonial Studies
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Race and Whiteness Studies
  • Women in the New Testament
  • Globalization and the Surrogacy Industry in India
  • Transnational Feminism
  • Third World Readings of the New Testament
  • Empire Studies
  • Dance and Movement as a Form of Interpretation
  • Bible and Film
  • Fearing the Other:  Popular Conceptions of Women and Minorities within the Media


Kathleen D. McCallie
Director Doctor of Ministry Program 
Assistant Professor of Ministerial Leadership & Ethics

  • Ethical issues in church governance and administration
  • Ethics of international trade, globalization, and public policy
  • Faith-based community organizing, particularly the Industrial Areas Foundation work
  • Fair trade and economic justice


Peter Anthony Mena
Assistant Professor of the History of  Christianity

  • Early Christian History
  • Religion and Chicana/o Identity
  • Latina/o Identity and Christianity
  • Ancient Literature
  • Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity
  • Women in Early Christian History
  • Orthodoxy and Heresy in the Ancient Church
  • Late Ancient Conceptions of the Body


Gary Peluso-Verdend
Associate Professor of Practical Theology

  • Changing dynamics in church life in North America
  • 19th century Methodist history, especially the split over authority and slavery
  • Jesus and money
  • History of funding Protestant congregations in the U.S.
  • Civil religion (the nation and God)
  • The purpose of seminary education
  • Christianity and democracy
  • Civil discourse


Nancy Claire Pittman
Stephen J. England Associate Professor of the Practice of Ministry

  • Leadership Issues for Churches in the 21st Century
  • Women in Ministry and other Leadership Roles
  • Book of Revelation, Apocalyptic Literature and their Interpretations
  • The Gospel of John


Mindy McGarrah Sharp
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology & Ethics

  • Sustainable Faith
  • Grieving Well
  • Who is my Neighbor?
  • Christian/United Methodist Ethics
  • Christian Responses to Religious Pluralism
  • Globalization and Immigration


Susanna Southard
Instructor in Ministry Studies

  • Women of the Hebrew Bible (Ruth, Esther, Deborah, Song of Songs, etc.)
  • Interactive timeline – Abraham & Sarah through Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Jewish and Christian approaches to biblical texts
  • What the Bible does (and does not) say about homosexuality


John L. Thomas, Jr.
Associate Professor of Practical Theology

  • The History and Theology in African-American Preaching
  • Cultural Competency in Pastoral Care and Counseling
  • Effective Hospital Ministry


Richard Ward
Fred B. Craddock Professor of Homiletics & Worship

  • Preaching (enrichment)
  • Storytelling
  • Theology, Theatre and the Arts
  • Supply preaching



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