Nov  2010 12
Prayer for Trustees

Pastoral Prayer for Chapel and Trustees Installation 

November 9, 2010


Based on Luke 21:5-19 and the hymn 'As a Fire Is Meant for Burning', this pastoral prayer by Dr. Nancy Pittman speaks truth for PTS and for the recently installed Board of Trustees.


Let us pray. 


            We are learners, we are teachers,

                        we are pilgrims on the way, Holy One,

            And as we walk on this way, we walk in gratitude

                        for the vocations you lay out before us.

            Thank you.  


            And we are seekers, seekers of signs:

                        signs for the meanings of what has happened in the past,

                        signs for what might happen tomorrow, next year, next decade,

                        signs for what we are to do and say today.


            For in fact the signs are all around us.

                The earth quakes; fires rage.

                        Rains fall too hard and fast or not at all.

                                    Governments change; policies are established and forsaken.

                                                People starve; children cry; teenagers die alone.

            And we in our distractions forget to notice—and remain silent.


            In this time together,

                        may we see the signs of your presence among us;

                        may we listen for your wisdom.

            And then may we speak for you and for your people,

                        so that by our endurance we can at last gain our souls.


            In the name of Christ the light. Amen.



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