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Cultivating vital communities,
vital conversations, and the public good.
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News & Conversations

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Communications Office, Phillips Admin/Staff 109 posts
Gary Peluso-Verdend, Phillips President 16 posts
Susanna Weslie Southard, Phillips Admin/Staff 6 posts
Ellen Blue, Phillips Faculty 5 posts
Melinda McGarrah Sharp, Phillips Faculty 4 posts
Sarah Morice Brubaker, Phillips Faculty 4 posts
Don Pittman, Phillips Faculty Emeritus 3 posts
Geoff Brewster, Phillips Admin/Staff 3 posts
Clair Powers, Phillips Admin/Staff 2 posts
Dennis Smith, Phillips Faculty 2 posts
Jared Vazquez, Phillips Student 2 posts
Josh Linton, Phillips Admin/Staff 2 posts
Judy Krase, Phillips Admin/Staff 2 posts
Linda Ford, Former Admin/Staff 2 posts
Nancy Claire Pittman, Phillips Dean 2 posts
Sandy Shapoval, Phillips Admin/Staff 2 posts
B. Brandon Scott, Phillips Faculty Emeritus 1 post
Belva Brown Jordan, Former Admin/Staff 1 post
Carl Muehlberg, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
Charlotte McIlnay, Former Admin/Staff 1 post
Cheri Peluso-Verdend, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
Christy Moore, Phillips Alum 1 post
Gerald Wright, Former Admin/Staff 1 post
Gina Robertson, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
John Imbler, Phillips Adjunct Faculty 1 post
John Thomas Jr., Phillips Faculty 1 post
Joseph Bessler, Phillips Faculty 1 post
Judy Aaron, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
Katrina Morrison, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
Kelley Becker, Phillips Student 1 post
Kelli Driscoll, Guest Contributor 1 post
Larry Garcia, Phillips Alum 1 post
Lisa Wilson Davison, Phillips Faculty 1 post
Lora Conger, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
Lucy Franklin, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
Mady Fraser, Phillips Adjunct Faculty 1 post
Marnie Leinberger, Phillips Student 1 post
Mary Coniglio, Former Admin/Staff 1 post
Melanie Tipton, Former Admin/Staff 1 post
Patricia Johnson, Phillips Student 1 post
Rebecca Haney, Phillips Student 1 post
Richard Mize, Phillips Student 1 post
Richard Ward, Phillips Faculty 1 post
Sandra Costen Kunz, Former Faculty 1 post
Susan Voigt, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
Toni Wine Imbler, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
Phillips offers Christian graduate theological education in service of intelligent, just, and
compassionate religious and civic communities. We welcome students to a safe space for truth-seeking conversations about the Bible, Jesus, and faithful living. Courses are available on campus and online for certificate, diploma, MDiv, MAMC, and MTS programs, and on campus for the DMin program.

Phillips Theological Seminary

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