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Master of Arts (Social Justice)

Phase I:     9.5 hours

Two of the following three portal course (portal courses are team-taught and interdisciplinary 4-hour courses that serve as introductions and prerequisites to the rest of the coursework in each program):

  • Context Matters                4 hours
    (Introducing half the content & method for the study of History of Christianity & Practical Theology)
  • Conversation Matters      4 hours
    (Introducing content & method for the study of Theology & the other half of the History of Christianity)
  • Interpretation Matters     4 hours
    (Introducing content & method for the study of the Hebrew Bible & New Testament)

Theological Reflection Group I   .5 hour
Theological Reflection Group II  .5 hour
Portfolio Assessment Course      .5 hour

Phase II:      12 hours

One course from each of the following categories:

  1. Engaging the Cultural & Contextual:  Immersion    3 hours
    Students may choose from several immersion options offered twice each academic year.
  2. Engaging the Political                                                    3 hours
    Students may choose from the following course options:
    --Religion & Politics
    --Theology of the Social Gospel
    --The Bible & Contemporary Issues
    --Theology of Martin Luther King, Jr.
    --Spirituality & Social Action
  3. Engaging the Ethical                                                     3 hours
    Students may choose from the following course options:
    --Ethics, Culture & Mission of the Church
    --Prophets & Justice
    --Ministry & Medical Ethics
    --Hospitality as Biblical Ethic
    --Spirituality & the Environment
    --Theological Themes in Contemporary Novel
  4. Engaging the Historical & the Theological             3 hours
    Students may choose from the following course options:
    --Theologies of Sexuality
    --Feminist/Womanist Theology
    --Makers of 20th Century Christianity
    --Liberation Theology
    --Perspectives on Religious Pluralism
    --Ecology & Theology
    --Autobiography & Theology

Phase III:     4.5 hours

Portfolio Assessment Course  .5 hours

Choose one:

  • Integrative Paper (3 hours) + Integrative Paper Symposium (1 hour); or
  • Launch Seminar (4 hours)

Elective Hours  12 hours
Students may choose 12 hours, normally 4 courses, in consultation with their advisers that respond to their own learning goals developed in the first portfolio assessment and to the learning goals of the degree program.


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