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A Once and Future Reformation

The focus of this year's  Remind and Renew conference will be to examine the definition and meaning of Christianity and the idea of reformation in the context of the Church. Here are the questions that the speakers will address:

  • What is Christianity?
  • Does the term “Protestant” have a future?
  • What does the world most need from Christianity in the 21st century?
  • What should be the relationship between Christianity and other faiths?

The  conference bibliography contains numerous titles that can assist you in continuing to explore these questions more deeply after this conference is over. 

                             Echoes of the Reformation


Join Joshua Shawnee, Preservation and Archives Librarian, in experiencing his exhibit his Echoes of the Reformation, a rare books exhibit celebrating 500 years of reformation. The exhibit features titles from Phillips Seminary Library's collection of approximately 700 rare and valuable titles, housed in the Beasley Rare Book Room.

This exhibit offers a hands-on exploration of rare books spanning the Reformation era including a Hamburg Polyglot Bible, a Great Cranmer Bible, a King James Bible and more.

This exhibit is free and open to the public through Nov. 1, but reservations are required. Call 918.270.6433 or email joshua.shawnee@ptstulsa.edu to schedule a visit.



"There's More Than One Answer to These Questions"

I remember first hearing "Closer to Fine" by the Indigo Girls when it emerged on the airwaves. I was immediately caught by the difference in viewpoint, sound, and consciousness from what normally exhaled from the radio at the time. Here were artists who told a story of difference and uplift, singing a recognition that the world is other than the one that is often sold to us. I felt both a sense of kinship with their mission, and a swell of gratitude that they were able to share with the larger world that there were others who also saw the world differently.

Here in the Phillips Library we have many titles that demonstrate and analyze the powerful role music has played in sharing change and altering consciousness in society and the Christian church. Music continues to play a profound role in the most important social justice movements, and reminds us of the lack of simplicity to real change.  

Take a look at our list of titles in Social Justice and Protest Music bibliography to the right. 

And come to hear the Indigo Girls here in Tulsa at The Vanguard, November 13th!


Interreligious Understanding: Resources for Other Faiths 

Many faith traditions are represented in our Tulsa community. To help foster understanding among each other we collect books and offer resources for the public to use in gaining new insights among us. In the column on the right are book lists in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Native American religious traditions, and Christianity. These lists offer a brief glimpse into the range of materials we offer to the public.

Islam in the Library

Awareness of the importance of Islam to the world has grown in Oklahoma these past 15 years. During this time the library has concentrated on collecting books that can help our community better understand this sister religion to Christianity and Judaism. To the right you can click on a booklist that features our focus here at Phillips. 

This Thursday, February 11, 2016, Phillips starts its class Peace Be Upon You: The Way of IslamSessions will meet Thursdays from 6-9 PM through March 17, 2016. Register now. 


Spring Semester 2016

Welcome to a new semester in the library! You may have noticed our new Library catalog interface when you search for books. Let us know how it is working for you: Library Catalog.

There is a new face in the library, Kyle Miller, our new Access Services Library Assistant! You may have seen already him at our circulation desk, checking in books and processing ILL requests. His new office is right by the library entrance in Joshua Shawnee's old office. 

You will now find Joshua Shawnee bustling about the library in his new position as the Preservation Librarian. He is in Amanda's old office. 

Amanda Ross is now your connection to instruction. Many of you have already visited with her about how to find the resources you need for your classes and research.

This winter, we've said goodbye to out library assistant Lisa Dellinger. She will be missed. Her latest publication is in the work Coming Full Circle, which was featured in the Remind and Renew conference. The library has copies available for checkout! 


 Remind & Renew:  Race, Liberty, and Justice For All

 Remind & Renew 2016 was a stirring conference that has generated a great deal of interest in the books and resources the library offers in the critical topic of race. To support the vital conversations in our community the library has put together a broad-reaching bibliography that can further your engagement in this areas of social justice. Our speakers mentioned numerous titles; you will find these and more on the bibliography. The link is in the column to your right.

This is just a selection of resources the Phillips Library has to offer. Find even more through our library catalog: Phillips Seminary Library Catalog.

Sandy Shapoval, Director of the Library



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