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Justice Liturgies

Isaiah 11:1-10 provides an image of justice and peace and serves as the basis of these liturgies for a service in honor of Haiti.



Minister:     Let us consider what we wish to bring before God.

People:     God of the Universe, we need your life-giving spirit.

Minister      How often we deny your gifts and choose fear over faith,

                  rejection over love, and passivity over action.

People:     We think we don’t have time enough to love,

                  reason enough to hope, security enough to trust.

Minister:     We confess to you and to each other

                  our inaction against the powers of death. 

                  We have seen our nation oppress others in the name of security;

People:     And we have blamed our leaders and railed against them,

                  rather than taking responsibility ourselves.

Minister:     Therefore, have mercy on us, O God, according to your loving kindness;

                  strengthen us for right thought and positive deed.

People:     Find us where we are, forgive us, heal us,

                  and let your light shine on us, God of light.


Minister:     God of Justice, we are your children; 

                  assured of your mercy and inspired by your love.

People:     Thanks be to God.


Reader:     God gives justice to those who are oppressed.

All:             God hears the cry of the poor. 

                  Blessed be the name of God.


Reader:     God sets the prisoners free,

                  opens the eyes of the blind,

                  lifts up those who are bowed down,

All:             God hears the cry of the poor. 

                  Blessed be the name of God.

Reader:     God loves those who love justice,

                  cares for the stranger,

                  sustains the orphan and the widow,

All:             God hears the cry of the poor. 

                        Blessed be the name of God. 

                  God hears the cry of Haiti. 

                        Blessed be the name of God. 

            Awaken us, O God, to the cry of Haiti.


Leader 1:         Blessed are you, God, Mother of all creation.

                        Through your goodness we have this bread to offer,

                        This bread of our lives;

                        Wheat that must fall to the ground and die

                        And be ground between stones before it gives life;

            Yeast of your reign which is within us,

            growing in patience.

                        This bread of our life - we are about to share -

                        That all might become one body in the spirit of Jesus.


Leader 2:         Blessed are you, God, Father of all creation

                        Through your goodness we have this wine to offer.

                        This wine of our lives grown up under the sun,

                        Watered by your rain;

                        This wine - our lifeblood poured out -

            That we might become blood kin in the spirit of Jesus.


ALL:                That all the people of the earth might be one body,

                        That all the people of the earth might be blood kin,

                        We eat this bread and drink this cup.


Theology and Practice of Public Worship Class

Phillips Theological Seminary

Meinders Chapel Midday Service

December 9, 2010

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