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Fragile Love that Gently Holds Us

Concern for children guides this Easter prayer, in the words of Kay Northcutt.



            Third Sunday of Easter

O God,

wholly Divine One

who knew us before we were in the womb,

how we long to be fully known



in this moment


We feel Easter

and the glory of you

all around us.

But it is sometimes easier to celebrate a babe in Mary’s arms

or to mourn our Rabbi’s death on a cross

than it is each day to walk faithfully in the new life

of resurrection


O Wondrous One,

we ache for you

in the promise of spring,

when we catch the warming sun

in our hearts.


we ache for you like a dry and weary land


Come, know us.

Let us be revealed

to ourselves and to one another

through your knowing of us.

Surely, you are revealed, Holy One,

through the fragile web of love that gently holds each of us


In these Easter days of resurrection,

we remember the friends gone before,

who, if we listen, breathe the spirit of life among us still—

saints who raised the roof of this church

to the nurture of the reign of God

and for the care of the least of these


We pray for our children this morning.

Thanking you for their faces, which reflect the world’s

wonder to us,

revealing to us surprisingly candid photographs of us—

their parents, teachers, and church


Let us become like them,

quick to reveal hurt feelings, disappointments, and sorrows

with the rapid deepening of love

that comes in the healing.

Give us ears to hear the wisdom of our children.

Give us courage to speak our hurt quickly and

unaccusingly, eager for restored relationship


Like the widow before the judge,

remind us incessantly

to tell our children

the story of their ancestors in this church,

who loved them before they were born

and raised this church for them.

Let us tell our children over and over

and over again

that we love them,

until they trust that love

and can believe that you love them, too


Hear our prayers for those absent from us

who know the hush of pain in hospitals

and the anguish of those who grieve.

Send your Spirit

to quicken the healing


Give us grace and courage and boldness,

that we might follow the example of the women

at the foot of the cross,

so that we, too, are present

when our brothers and sisters suffer


Our hearts were made for you, God.

Silently now we lift them to you:


            Silent prayer




 Kay Bessler Northcutt, Praying by Heart: Prayers for Personal Devotion and Public Worship (Cleveland, OH: United Church Press, 1998), 63-65.  Used by permission.

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