Phase I: Invitation to Community                                                                                       17.5 hours

Portal Courses (4 hrs. each)
   - Interpretation Matters
   - Conversation Matters
   - Vocation Matters
   - Context Matters

Theological Reflection Group (TRG) Courses
(0.5 hr. for two semesters)

Assessment Course
(0.5 hr.)                             

Phase II: Vital Conversations                                                                                             44.0 hours

Area Specific Courses
(33 hrs.)

Bible (6 hrs.)
   - Hebrew Bible

   - New Testament
History (6 hrs.)
   - Advanced History
   - Denomination History
Theology & Ethics (9 hrs.)
   - Advanced Theology
   - Constructive
   - Ethics
Practical Theology (12 hrs.)
   - Preaching
   - Worship
   - Leadership
   - Care


Broadening Vital Conversations (6 hrs.)

   - Immersion Course
   - Cultures and Contests

Year in Ministry (4 hrs.)

Assessment Course (1 hr.)

Phase III: Leading in the Way of Jesus for the Public Good                                          5.5 hours

Launch Course (4 hrs.)


Theological Reflection Group (TRG) Courses
(0.5 hr. for two semesters)


Assessment Course (0.5 hr.)

Electives                                                                                                                                 15.0 hours

To be taken at any point in the curriculum depending upon portal prerequisites.


Note:  phases do not correspond with years in program. 

Phillips Theological Seminary offers Christian graduate theological education
in service of intelligent, just, and compassionate religious and civic communities. We welcome
students to a safe space for truth-seeking conversations about the Bible, Jesus, and faithful living.
Courses available on campus and online for certificate, diploma, MDiv, MAMC, MASJ, & MTS
programs, and on campus for the DMin program.

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