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Gary Peluso-Verdend, Phillips Faculty 35 posts
Nancy Claire Pittman, Phillips Dean 24 posts
Richard Ward, Phillips Faculty 23 posts
Joseph Bessler, Phillips Faculty 17 posts
Susanna Weslie Southard, Phillips Faculty 17 posts
Sarah Morice Brubaker, Phillips Faculty 13 posts
Lisa Wilson Davison, Phillips Faculty 11 posts
Dennis Smith, Phillips Faculty Emeritus 10 posts
Ellen Blue, Phillips Faculty 9 posts
B. Brandon Scott, Phillips Faculty Emeritus 7 posts
Melinda McGarrah Sharp, Phillips Faculty 6 posts
Bill Crowell, Guest Contributor 5 posts
Josh Linton, Phillips Admin/Staff 5 posts
Kathleen McCallie, Phillips Faculty 5 posts
Barbara McBride-Smith, Phillips Adjunct Faculty 4 posts
Dr. David Miller, Guest Contributor 4 posts
Geoff Brewster, Phillips Admin/Staff 4 posts
Linda Ford, Former Admin/Staff 4 posts
Ron Robinson, Phillips Adjunct Faculty 4 posts
Shawnthea Monroe, Guest Contributor 4 posts
Sonja Tobey, Phillips Alum 4 posts
Belva Brown Jordan, Former Admin/Staff 3 posts
Gerald Davis, Guest Contributor 3 posts
James Wilson, Guest Contributor 3 posts
John Thomas Jr., Phillips Faculty 3 posts
Ray Owens, Phillips Affiliate Faculty 3 posts
Sheri Curry, Phillips Adjunct Faculty 3 posts
Susan Payne, Former Admin/Staff 3 posts
Wambugu Gachungi, Phillips Alum 3 posts
Alexis Carter, Guest Contributor 2 posts
Andrea Clark, Phillips Alum 2 posts
Andy Beck, Phillips Alum 2 posts
Bethany Albrecht, Phillips Alum 2 posts
Bill Hemm, Phillips Alum 2 posts
Bob Lawrence, Guest Contributor 2 posts
Chris Moore, Phillips Alum 2 posts
Christy Moore, Phillips Alum 2 posts
Corinne Stavish, Guest Contributor 2 posts
Darell Christopher, Phillips Admin/Staff 2 posts
Dean Phelps, Phillips Trustee 2 posts
Debbie Blue, Guest Contributor 2 posts
Don Pittman, Phillips Faculty Emeritus 2 posts
JD Morrison, Phillips Alum 2 posts
Jerry Johns, Phillips Alum 2 posts
John Imbler, Phillips Adjunct Faculty 2 posts
Judy Deere, Phillips Admin/Staff 2 posts
Kim and Reggie Harris, Guest Contributor 2 posts
Kristi Evans, Phillips Student 2 posts
Kurt Gwartney, Phillips Admin/Staff 2 posts
Laura West, Phillips Alum 2 posts
Lonnie Snyder, Phillips Student 2 posts
Lori Walke, Phillips Alum 2 posts
Richard Mize, Phillips Student 2 posts
Sandra Costen Kunz, Former Faculty 2 posts
Scott Taylor, Phillips Alum 2 posts
Taud Boatman, Phillips Student 2 posts
Todd Freeman, Phillips Adjunct Faculty 2 posts
Amy Venable, Guest Contributor 1 post
Anna M.J. Holloway, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
Anthony James, Guest Contributor 1 post
Barney McLaughlin, Guest Contributor 1 post
Bill Blue Eagle McCutchen, Phillips Alum 1 post
Bill Inglish, Phillips Adjunct Faculty 1 post
Bill Spangler-Dunning, Guest Contributor 1 post
Bruce Barkhauer, Guest Contributor 1 post
Cathey Edwards, Phillips Alum 1 post
Chapel Recording, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
Charles Sherman, Phillips Adjunct Faculty 1 post
Christine Vitt, Guest Contributor 1 post
Chuck & Gina Jackson, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
Clint Collins, Phillips Alum 1 post
Communications Office, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
Courtney Fowler, Guest Contributor 1 post
David Calderon, Guest Contributor 1 post
David Dunson, Phillips Alum 1 post
David Wilson, Phillips Alum 1 post
Dawn Chesser, Guest Contributor 1 post
Debra Garfinkel, Phillips Alum 1 post
Diane Burl, Phillips Student 1 post
Donald Davis, Guest Contributor 1 post
George Rowe, Phillips Alum 1 post
Glen Chebon Kernell, Jr., Phillips Alum 1 post
Grayson Lucky, Phillips Affiliate Faculty 1 post
Guy Langston, Phillips Alum 1 post
Hank Jenkins, Phillips Alum 1 post
Heather Nygard Scherer, Phillips Alum 1 post
Imam John Ederer, Guest Contributor 1 post
James White, Phillips Alum 1 post
Jared Vazquez, Phillips Student 1 post
Jim Perkin, Phillips Alum 1 post
José F. Morales, Phillips Trustee 1 post
Josh Bell, Phillips Student 1 post
Kirstie Jeanette Garnes, Phillips Alum 1 post
Kirt Moelling, Phillips Alum 1 post
Kyle Meador, Phillips Alum 1 post
Leslie Penrose, Phillips Adjunct Faculty 1 post
Lisa Anderson, Phillips Alum 1 post
Mady Fraser, Phillips Adjunct Faculty 1 post
Margaret Johnson, Phillips Alum 1 post
Mark Rickman, Guest Contributor 1 post
Marlin Lavanhar, Guest Contributor 1 post
MaryAnn Morris, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
Matthew Westfox, Guest Contributor 1 post
Maureen Olson, Phillips Alum 1 post
Michael Davison, Phillips Adjunct Faculty 1 post
Mik King, Phillips Student 1 post
Missy Iski, Guest Contributor 1 post
Pamela Holt, Phillips Trustee 1 post
Patience Mutiso, Phillips Student 1 post
Patricia Hoerth, Phillips Adjunct Faculty 1 post
Paul Staat, Phillips Alum 1 post
Paula Steinbacher, Phillips Alum 1 post
Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jr., Phillips Trustee 1 post
Rev. M. C. Potter, Phillips Trustee 1 post
Richard "Cap" McIlnay, Phillips Alum 1 post
Richard Grounds, Phillips Adjunct Faculty 1 post
Rick Lowery, Former Faculty 1 post
Rita Nakashima Brock, Guest Contributor 1 post
Robert Cloninger, Phillips Alum 1 post
Robert Hill, Guest Contributor 1 post
Robin Meyers, Phillips Alum 1 post
Rosemary McCombs Maxey, Guest Contributor 1 post
Russ Hall, Phillips Student 1 post
Ryan Kiesel, Guest Contributor 1 post
Sandy Shapoval, Phillips Admin/Staff 1 post
Shannon Fleck, Phillips Alum 1 post
Sr. Ellie Finlay, Guest Contributor 1 post
Steve Graham, Guest Contributor 1 post
Todd Scoggins, Phillips Alum 1 post
Travis Smith McKee, Phillips Alum 1 post
Trayce Stewart, Guest Contributor 1 post
Yvonne Lewis, Phillips Alum 1 post
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Courses available on campus and online for certificate, diploma, MDiv, MAMC, MASJ, & MTS
programs, and on campus for the DMin program.

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