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The Rev. Lori Walke, a 2011 graduate of Phillips Theological Seminary, is a living testament of the value of a seminary degree. Theological education informs her ministry and shapes her approach to life, faith, and participation in the community.


Lori always felt God's call, but her faith tradition did not accept women as pastors. In law school, she found a church family that affirmed her calling and encouraged her to attend seminary. "For the first time I was really asked to explore motivations and perspectives of biblical authors and to put that in context of the problems that real people face," Lori says. The theological education Lori received from professors and female pastoral peers at Phillips was instrumental in shepherding her to accept the call of God on her life.

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The Rev. Lori Walke serves as the associate minister for a progressive United Church of Christ congregation in Oklahoma City. It is important to Lori that all Christians, not just clergy, learn to think theologically. Congregants have a responsibility to think theologically about social issues and how those issues affect where they live and work. Lori uses her Phillips education to empower and teach others to think theologically.

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From lobbying legislators at the state Capitol to marching in a pride parade, social justice advocacy takes many forms. Lori's theology fuels her acts of advocacy. Taking a stand for the marginalized is the Way of Jesus. Being a pastor and an advocate go hand in hand.

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"I have six nieces and I want them to grow up in a world where the laws are not sexist and the policies are not homophobic. The work that I do is to build a world that I want for them, a world that is reflective of the kingdom of God and its inclusiveness and love and generosity."



Lori embodies her theology. From the call of God on her life as a female, to her pastoral work in the church, to her advocacy work in the community, she thinks theologically. At Phillips Seminary, she learned how her faith affects actions she takes and that she leads her community to take. "I am interpreting and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ for our time," Lori says.

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