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Where Faith Leads


Dear Supporters,

“My intention,” said the new student at orientation in August, “was to stop by the campus, pick up some literature, and go on with my life. And I was only doing that to satisfy my minister who kept bugging me about going to seminary. I guess she saw something in me that I’m only just now beginning to see. But once I got here and sat in on a course, I couldn't shake the feeling that this place was for me. So here I am.” 

Where faith leads. Students tell stories like this one all the time around here. They tell about jobs that don’t satisfy, plans that don’t seem quite right for them, hopes that remain unfulfilled as long as they stay away from seminary, vocational yearnings that are never quenched until they say yes to the One who has been calling them all along. Their faith leads them through these doors and into classrooms, conversations and communities that push them forward into ministries of care, compassion, and justice. Will you share a gift of your resources to support students as they follow where faith has led them? 

Where faith leads. And while they are here they learn the dimensions of the kind of leadership in which faith plays the major role. They study diligently the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, the histories of Christian churches, the theologians who have shaped our traditions. They ask questions about fundamental confessions and assertions and wonder aloud, with the guidance of this faculty, how these claims can make a difference to people who are trying to live by the faith of Jesus in the God who sent him. Will you make a gift to support the faithful work that happens in the classroom? 

Where faith leads. My own faith has brought me here to the deanship of Phillips Theological Seminary. It has opened the door for leadership among faculty, staff, students, trustees and friends who together are discerning our own particular mission for churches and for the world we want to serve. And I am so grateful for this good work that we are doing together. Will you share your resources to support the work of faculty and staff? 

So where is faith leading you? My prayer is that part of your calling to follow in the way of Jesus is the support of this seminary and our common ministry. With your continued gifts we can provide a place for our students to explore their call, to develop their gifts, to learn their traditions, to respond to our own deep needs for faithful leadership. Make a gift today to support the important work God has called Phillips to do.

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Phillips Theological Seminary offers Christian graduate theological education
in service of intelligent, just, and compassionate religious and civic communities. We welcome
students to a safe space for truth-seeking conversations about the Bible, Jesus, and faithful living.
Courses are available on campus and online for certificate, diploma, MDiv, MA, & MTS programs,
and on campus for the DMin program.

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