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Advent Devotional

This Advent, as we prepare our hearts for the arrival of the Christ child in our midst, we at Phillips Seminary pray that making room for the one we call Emmanuel is a priority in the busy lives we lead. To assist with that, our faculty, staff and alumni/ae offer to you, “Where Faith Leads,” a 2016 Advent Devotional, a gift of thanks from us to you.

Our hope is that you will find this to be a resource worth sharing with your faith community, as a personal devotional or adult Sunday School resource. If you would like to share this full Advent Devotional with others, you may download it here. Below are the daily reflections found in the booklet. 

Advent is an opportunity to hit the reset button on life and re-center our hearts upon the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love offered to us through the infant Jesus. Please use this devotion to inspire a deeper spiritual journey within your church and family this year.

2016 Advent Devotional

     (download full booklet)


Week One:  Hope


Nov 27 | Hope is Ridiculous by Rev. Dr. Gary Peluso-Verdend, President

Nov 28 | Occupying Hope by Rev. Debra Garfinkel, Alumna

Nov 29 | Promises Fulfilled by Dr. Peter Anthony Mena, Faculty

Nov 30 | Pray with Hope  by Rev. Dr. Richard F. Ward, Faculty

Dec 1 | How does faith lead to love? by Steven Williams, Student

Dec 2 | A Time of Renewal by Anna Holloway, Alumna and Staff 

Dec 3 | Preparing the Way by Rev. Dr. Chuck Jackson, Staff 


Week Two:  Peace


Dec 4 | A Polychromatic Peace by Rev. Dr. Nancy Claire Pittman, Dean

Dec 5 | Waiting by Rev. Dr. Ellen Blue, Faculty 

Dec 6 | Hearing for the First Time by Malisa Pierce, Alumna and Staff 

Dec 7 | Reorient by Rev. Dr. Mady Fraser, Chaplain Emerita

Dec 8 | Becoming an Agent of Peace  by Dr. Dennis Smith, Prof. Emer.

Dec 9 | A Peace of What Could Be by Josh Linton, Alumnus

Dec 10 | Blessed Assurance by Darell Christopher, Alumnus and Staff


Week Three: Joy


Dec 11 | Joy for a Weary World by Rev Dr. Kathy McCallie, Faculty

Dec 12 | Longing for God by Dr. Sarah Morice Brubaker, Faculty

Dec 13 | Faith Leads to Joy by Rev. Susanna Southard, Faculty

Dec 14 | In the Face of Rising Seas by Pat Hoerth, Adj. Faculty

Dec 15 | The Joy of Being One in Christ by MaryAnn Morris, Alumna and Staff

Dec 16 | A Communal Lament by Sandy Shapoval, Alumna and Staff

Dec 17 | Participants in the Cosmic Story by Rev. Daniel Mayes, Alumna


Week Four: Love


Dec 18 | Preaching for the Virgin Birth by Kurt Gwartney, Alumnus and Staff

Dec 19 | Love & Justice by Rev. Dr. Lisa W. Davison, Faculty

Dec 20 | An Allegory of Two Mothers by Paul Ellis Jackson, Student

Dec 21 | The Seemingly Insignificant by Rev. Geoff Brewster, Alumnus and Staff

Dec 22 | Getting our Mary on by Rev. Gina Jackson, Alumna and Staff

Dec 23 | Assenting to Creative Joy by Dr. Mindy McGarrah Sharp, Faculty

Dec 24 | One Night by Rev. Sondra L. Tilsley, Alumna

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